Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Great Dancing at Arthur Murray Dallas 10th Annual Texas Showdown

Photos by Stephen Marino

Our esteemed judging panel included Peter Perzhu, Alexandra Ostapchuk, Jill DeMarlo, Lena Kosovich, Unique Platt, Urs Geisenhainer (not pictured), Lynda Smith (not pictured), and Zack Stevens (not pictured)
Saturday night was a blast at our Denim and Diamonds Gala Banquet

Ian Kelley & Adriann Alexander - Top Professional Showdance Routine

Judges Zack Stevens, Unique Platt, Urs Geisenhainer, Jill DeMarlo, Lynda Smith and Peter Perzhu thoughtfully scoring the professional routines.

Nikki Holland and Justin Brown, professionals from the Plano Arthur Murray studio, did a sassy foxtrot to "Here's To Love"

A sexy Argentine Tango from Antonio Rivera and Bailey Kenzington, Arthur Murray professionals from Dallas and Plano.

Rising Star Champions Gretchen Malone and Bryan Tate from Fort Worth Arthur Murray danced beautifully.

Ian Kelley and Sarah Dantes, professionals from the Dallas Arthur Murray performed a moving tribute routine.

Fun student solo routines!

Beautiful dancing!

Ian Kelley and his harem. He won the top 3 places in the professional showdance showdown. 1st with Adriann Alexander, 2nd with Sarah Dantes, and 3rd with Bailey Kenzington!

Daniel and Lindsey Dellucci danced a Tron inspired routine. They are professionals at Arthur Murray Dallas and Plano.

Cade Corder and Grace Stevens - Junior Couple from Dallas Arthur Murray

Nicholas Stevens and Alexandra Gutkovich - Junior 2 National Champions from Arthur Murray Dallas

Our Top Teachers from the weekend.

Malarie and Jeremiah DeLaVega, professionals from the Little Rock Arthur Murray

Stephanie Romanko and Jed Livingstone - Professionals from the Fort Worth Arthur Murray

Antonio Rivera and Lindsey Dellucci - Professionals from the Plano Arthur Murray

Daniel Dellucci and Gina Itzel - Professionals from the Dallas and Plano Arthur Murray

October Calendars for Plano and Dallas Arthur Murray Dance Studios

October Calendars for Plano and Dallas Arthur Murray Dance Studios