Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A Variety of Solo Awards Announced from the Arthur Murray Kaleidoscope of Color Solo Showcase

There were so many GREAT routines, but these stood out for their originality, entertainment quality, and thorough themes! Our Solo Awards are:

1) BEST USE OF PROPS: David Thompson and Sally for "Little Red Corvette":

2) BEST COSTUME: Iris Goldberg and Ian for "Polka Dot Bikini":

3) BEST ACTRESS: Gillian Horowitz and Ian for "Live in Living Color":

4) BEST ACTOR: Michael Young and Esther for "Mr. White Keys":

5) MOST COMEDIC: Earle Cabansag and Gretchen for "Old and Grey":

6) MOST ENTERTAINING: Rodney Anderson and Lindsey for "Dancin' Machine":

7) BEST THROWBACK: Ceara Byrd and Nick for "Green Grass Grows All Around":

8) BEST STORY/THEME: Howard and Brenda Moyes for "Rainbow Connection":

9) MOST CREATIVE: Jeff Crump and Bailey for "La Pantera Rosa":

10) MOST MOVING: Melanie Brown and Justin for "Colorblind":

11) SEXIEST ROUTINE: Jeff and Sarah Schneck for "Little Red Riding Hood":

12) JUST PLAIN HOT: Gilbert and Leigh Ann Hernandez for "Goldfinger":

Congratulations to all our Special Award Recipients! Great job!

Top Solos from Arthur Murray Showcase Chosen to Perform at Upcoming White Hot Ball

We are pleased to announce that we have chosen 8 Solo routines from our recent "Kaleidoscope of Color" Showcase to perform their numbers again as the opening act for Decho and Bree at the upcoming White Hot Ball on August 18th, 2012. Students from the Arthur Murray Dance Studios in Dallas, Plano and Fort Worth came together in Grapevine, Texas at the Palace Arts Theater for this fun event. Here are the 8 routines chosen:

1) Steven King and Gretchen from Fort Worth dancing a Cha Cha to "Goldmember":

2) Kethry Tiggs and Nick from Fort Worth dancing a West Coast Swing to "Black & White in America":

3) Missy Farris and Nick from Fort Worth dancing a Jive to "Redhead or Brunette":

4) Nathan Higgins and Lindsey from Plano dancing a Quickstep to "Ballroom Glitz":

5) Stephen Morris and Stephanie from Fort Worth dancing a West Coast Swing to "Black or White":

6) Thomas Schloer and Stephanie from Fort Worth dancing a West Coast Swing to "Goldfinger/How Do You Like Me Now?":

7) Mistie Hughes and Antonio from Plano dancing a Bolero to "Yellow":

8) Melanie Brown and Justin from Dallas dancing a Rumba to "Colorblind":

You can check all the great routines at our YouTube Channel: Amdsplano