Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Why Should I Attend the Arthur Murray Holiday Show?

There are many reasons why you should attend the upcoming Arthur Murray Holiday Show on Sunday, December 16th at the Marriott DFW hotel. 

You will get a chance to practice your social dancing, experience what a “heat” will feel like if you have never attended one of our Showcases or Dance Festivals, and celebrate the holidays with dancing. Beyond that, you get to enjoy a relaxing holiday party, be a part of the Arthur Murray family for the holidays and we get a chance to bless you specifically for being a part of our family. 

It’s the holidays, everyone has a ton of little things to accomplish leading up to and around the holidays. So, why not enjoy a party that is relaxing and stress relieving all at the same time?! Getting the time to share moments about how dancing has changed your lives, what it means to you and to dance to holiday music in a relaxed fun atmosphere is the essence of family fun. All you have to do is show up in a nice outfit, enjoy something that you obviously love, eat and have fun! 

You should also attend the Holiday Show in order to spend time with your Arthur Murray family during the holidays. This is the time of year that people visit or entertain family. Why wouldn’t you spend some of the holidays with us? It is sincerely heartwarming to have the time and opportunity to go to an event with so many people whom we don’t always get time with at the studio, and hearing stories of life and love of dancing. 

Ultimately, we get to share our heart; we get to share the relaxation, the community, the comfort, and the blessings we get from dancing everyday. Everyone should go to the Holiday show to get a concentrated dose of anything and everything that Arthur Murray means for them and we can build memories together that bring us all closer and last a lifetime!

Don’t miss this wonderful year end event. Please see your teacher or studio manager for more details.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Great Dancing at Arthur Murray Dallas 10th Annual Texas Showdown

Photos by Stephen Marino

Our esteemed judging panel included Peter Perzhu, Alexandra Ostapchuk, Jill DeMarlo, Lena Kosovich, Unique Platt, Urs Geisenhainer (not pictured), Lynda Smith (not pictured), and Zack Stevens (not pictured)
Saturday night was a blast at our Denim and Diamonds Gala Banquet

Ian Kelley & Adriann Alexander - Top Professional Showdance Routine

Judges Zack Stevens, Unique Platt, Urs Geisenhainer, Jill DeMarlo, Lynda Smith and Peter Perzhu thoughtfully scoring the professional routines.

Nikki Holland and Justin Brown, professionals from the Plano Arthur Murray studio, did a sassy foxtrot to "Here's To Love"

A sexy Argentine Tango from Antonio Rivera and Bailey Kenzington, Arthur Murray professionals from Dallas and Plano.

Rising Star Champions Gretchen Malone and Bryan Tate from Fort Worth Arthur Murray danced beautifully.

Ian Kelley and Sarah Dantes, professionals from the Dallas Arthur Murray performed a moving tribute routine.

Fun student solo routines!

Beautiful dancing!

Ian Kelley and his harem. He won the top 3 places in the professional showdance showdown. 1st with Adriann Alexander, 2nd with Sarah Dantes, and 3rd with Bailey Kenzington!

Daniel and Lindsey Dellucci danced a Tron inspired routine. They are professionals at Arthur Murray Dallas and Plano.

Cade Corder and Grace Stevens - Junior Couple from Dallas Arthur Murray

Nicholas Stevens and Alexandra Gutkovich - Junior 2 National Champions from Arthur Murray Dallas

Our Top Teachers from the weekend.

Malarie and Jeremiah DeLaVega, professionals from the Little Rock Arthur Murray

Stephanie Romanko and Jed Livingstone - Professionals from the Fort Worth Arthur Murray

Antonio Rivera and Lindsey Dellucci - Professionals from the Plano Arthur Murray

Daniel Dellucci and Gina Itzel - Professionals from the Dallas and Plano Arthur Murray

October Calendars for Plano and Dallas Arthur Murray Dance Studios

October Calendars for Plano and Dallas Arthur Murray Dance Studios

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

White Hot Ball with US Rhythm Champions Decho Kraev & Bree Watson

White Hot Ball
Featuring United States Rhythm Champions
Decho Kraev & Bree Watson

With Live Dance Music by The Violin Guy
DJ STRADIVARI The Violin Guy Live Performance Video
Saturday, August 18th, 2012
Marriott DFW

We have a Special Hotel Rate of $89 for Saturday night.
Book your reservation online:

Then forward your email confirmation to Caroline.Koch@marriott.comand state that you are with Arthur Murray and your rate will be adjusted.

Cocktails 6:30pm
Dinner 7:00pm

Tickets available now in your studio!
Decho and Bree BW
In just five short years Decho and Bree have had a remarkably successful professional career including: 

2007 U.S. National Theatre Arts Champions 
2007 Ohio Star Ball Professional Theatrical Arts Champions 
2008 Blackpool Professional Invitation Exhibition Finalist 
2008 U.S. National Professional Rhythm Championship 3rd Place 
2009 Emerald Ball Champions 
Regular Finalists in all major U.S. and Open to the World Professional Events 
United States Rhythm Champions 2011

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A Variety of Solo Awards Announced from the Arthur Murray Kaleidoscope of Color Solo Showcase

There were so many GREAT routines, but these stood out for their originality, entertainment quality, and thorough themes! Our Solo Awards are:

1) BEST USE OF PROPS: David Thompson and Sally for "Little Red Corvette":

2) BEST COSTUME: Iris Goldberg and Ian for "Polka Dot Bikini":

3) BEST ACTRESS: Gillian Horowitz and Ian for "Live in Living Color":

4) BEST ACTOR: Michael Young and Esther for "Mr. White Keys":

5) MOST COMEDIC: Earle Cabansag and Gretchen for "Old and Grey":

6) MOST ENTERTAINING: Rodney Anderson and Lindsey for "Dancin' Machine":

7) BEST THROWBACK: Ceara Byrd and Nick for "Green Grass Grows All Around":

8) BEST STORY/THEME: Howard and Brenda Moyes for "Rainbow Connection":

9) MOST CREATIVE: Jeff Crump and Bailey for "La Pantera Rosa":

10) MOST MOVING: Melanie Brown and Justin for "Colorblind":

11) SEXIEST ROUTINE: Jeff and Sarah Schneck for "Little Red Riding Hood":

12) JUST PLAIN HOT: Gilbert and Leigh Ann Hernandez for "Goldfinger":

Congratulations to all our Special Award Recipients! Great job!

Top Solos from Arthur Murray Showcase Chosen to Perform at Upcoming White Hot Ball

We are pleased to announce that we have chosen 8 Solo routines from our recent "Kaleidoscope of Color" Showcase to perform their numbers again as the opening act for Decho and Bree at the upcoming White Hot Ball on August 18th, 2012. Students from the Arthur Murray Dance Studios in Dallas, Plano and Fort Worth came together in Grapevine, Texas at the Palace Arts Theater for this fun event. Here are the 8 routines chosen:

1) Steven King and Gretchen from Fort Worth dancing a Cha Cha to "Goldmember":

2) Kethry Tiggs and Nick from Fort Worth dancing a West Coast Swing to "Black & White in America":

3) Missy Farris and Nick from Fort Worth dancing a Jive to "Redhead or Brunette":

4) Nathan Higgins and Lindsey from Plano dancing a Quickstep to "Ballroom Glitz":

5) Stephen Morris and Stephanie from Fort Worth dancing a West Coast Swing to "Black or White":

6) Thomas Schloer and Stephanie from Fort Worth dancing a West Coast Swing to "Goldfinger/How Do You Like Me Now?":

7) Mistie Hughes and Antonio from Plano dancing a Bolero to "Yellow":

8) Melanie Brown and Justin from Dallas dancing a Rumba to "Colorblind":

You can check all the great routines at our YouTube Channel: Amdsplano

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Arthur Murray Dance Studio of Plano, Texas Group Class Calendar for July 2012

Ballroom dance group classes for beginner through advanced Arthur Murray Dance Studio of Plano students. Arthur Murray Dance Studio of Dallas students are also welcome to attend the classes and parties in the Plano location. Practice your waltz, tango, foxtrot, rumba, cha cha, swing, salsa, mambo, merengue, bolero, hustle, west coast swing and country western dance moves. Our Group classes are designed to teach you steps and give you a chance to work on your own balance and posture. Our Parties are designed to give you a "real-world" experience using what you have learned in your lessons and classes. See you on the dance floor!

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