Monday, January 31, 2011

Arthur Murray - The Best Way of Developing Versatile and Competitive Dancers!

Do you want to be a Hollywood dance star? You should start it with the finest and most effective methods - the Arthur Murray way. Arthur Murray Dance Studio offers dance lessons with various programs designed to improve every dancer’s skills. Our professional dance instructors have years of experience in Hollywood, Broadway, and many other reputable sets and events. Arthur Murray Studio has been franchised with over 250 studios that act as Los Angeles dance schools worldwide. At Arthur Murray, we believe that a dancing does not only require talent but the form, skills, and attitude of a true dancer as well. For more than 98 years now, we have been bringing out the real dancer in every person who has the passion to make talent into a great dancing form.

Since 1921, Arthur Murray Dance Studio has made the entertainment industry more lively, competitive, and creative with superb dancing. Whether in TV shows, movies, or theatres, dance teachers from any of Arthur Murray studios have greatly influenced dancing that has been taken into a higher level. If you want to be a competitive dancer or a flexible social dancer, it is our pleasure to help you achieve your goals while enjoying every lesson with us. At Arthur Murray, we never discriminate anyone because we believe that individuals of any gender, age, level of dancing skills, and so on have the right to satisfy their urge in dancing. Even if one is already considered a professional dancer, he or she can still enroll with us because there is always something to improve on. We cover everything about dancing including appropriate styling, choreography, techniques, and even showmanship. We are dedicated to let students learn, enjoy, and succeed in any kind of dance. We are proud to say for having taught and handled millions of students who turned out to be versatile dancers with an edge. Many of them have also had a career in conducting dance lessons, have been part of competitive dance groups, have performed in great dance opportunities, have always enjoyed what they learned from our dance programs, and so on.

Many dance enthusiasts who have joined Arthur Murray Studio as beginners have not only enjoyed their learning experience but have achieved success in their dance aspiration and goals. Countless students we’ve had have made big names in the dance stage of various genres or styles. With professional dance instructors who know how to make anyone step up, we give much importance on foot position, rhythm and timing, and leading or following that each forms the foundation of dancing. In keeping each lesson interesting enough, we combine a variety of steps and techniques while we let each student find his or her own flair in dancing. As a result, we have been able to develop dancers who are versatile and spirited in every way possible. We have trained individual dancers, whether in groups or not, to shine and stand out in a crowd or in the dance floor. Nevertheless, confidence works hand in hand with having fun in every dance in Arthur Murray Dance Studio.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Medical Breakthrough with Dancing!

My husband, Ed Lusk, had a massive hemorrhagic stroke on July 25, 2009.  The prognosis was that he had about a 10% survival rate and if he survived he would have major right side deficits. He did survive and has engaged on a very intensive rehabilitation program. Today he walks with out any assistance, climbs 22 stairs daily to his office and bedroom and putts for 18 holes of golf weekly.  Dancing at the Arthur Murray Studio was the single most significant contribution to this success.  Our daughter, told him in April that she wanted him to dance at her wedding in July. He began taking lessons and danced at her wedding.  He has continued dancing, executing increasingly more complicated steps.  The dancing lessons initially had a huge impact on his balance and confidence in not falling.  His fear of going backwards, sideways and even just moving his hips have all gone away through dance. Speech was and is a major work in progress, but the positive environment of the Arthur Murray Studio also played a role in him becoming fully engaged in a new life, different, but oh so happy!!
-Alice Lusk